Glen of the Downs Wood to Coolagad Wood + View (Looped)

Not looped | 4.32 km | Co. Wicklow | Hard walk | Public Transport

Trail Description

Park in Glen of the Downs - off N11 South - walk up through the woods, stay right ignoring all forks until you rejoin the main trail. Continue up the hill until you come close to the Octogon but do not go down to it - should be on your left. Take small trail on right to road (Ballydonagh cottages) - continue to "main" road and cross up into Coolagad / Kindlestown Wood. Take any choice of return loop back to the car-park, going back into Glen O Downs on that little road again. Or arrange for a 2nd car to be in Coolagad woods. Note: on a wet day the trail from Octogon to the alternate exit at Ballydonagh cottages can be swampy... Route through Glen O Down woods this time is the steep back and forth one over the old sleepers - alternate is to go left out of carpark and up gentler incline.

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