Hellfire Club and Massey Woods

Looped walk | 4.93 km | Kilakee Rd, Dublin 16 | Moderate walk

Trail Description

The Hellfire Club on the summit of Mount Pelier is a landmark visible from many parts of Dublin. Much less visible but more attractive is the walking woods below the road to Featherbed. While its Coillte property, there is very little moder planting. Instead we find a wonderful variety with beach and oak. The paths in Massey wood are quite complicated so if you get lost just walk uphill, you'll hit the road sometime. Watch out for mountain bikers.

Trail Comments

The Hell Fire Club, clearly visible on the skyline of the Dublin Mountains, is undoubtedly the area's most famous landmark. Situated at 1275 feet, near the summit of Mount Pelier, the site was originally a passage tomb. The tomb dates from the Neolithic Period (4500 - 2000 BC) and was constructed within a circle of large boulders known as a cairn.

Posted by TheInsideMan on August 16th, 2011 - 11:26:21

Speaker Connolly built the house on Mount Pelier Hill in 1725. Connolly was one of the wealthiest men in Ireland; he had a Dublin house in Capel Street and a country estate at Castletown, near Celbridge. He constructed the club as a hunting lodge. Connolly is said to have destroyed the cairn while building the hunting lodge, making use of the boulders in its construction.

Posted by TheInsideMan on August 16th, 2011 - 11:26:38

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