Abbeyleix bog trail - extension

Looped walk | 9.53 km | | Easy walk

Trail Description

This is pretty much the same route as Bodolf’s bog loop, but I’ve added some additional bits so as to include the excellent bog boardwalks. These bog boardwalks where only put down recently and I feel these are probably the highlight of the walk and not to be missed! Parking is available in the Manor hotel. From the car park, head north and turn right before hitting the main road. Here you can walk through a peaty landscape with small pine trees and heather. In the hot summer sun of 2018 this had a real southern feel about it and brought back happy memories of trekking through the pine forest of Corsica and Greece in the 1990’s. Continue along the rough trail until you see the bog boardwalk on your right. This will take you back to the first part of the walk and you are now heading back towards the car park. But soon enough you will be turning left onto a second bog boardwalk. At the end of this boardwalk turn left and a short time later turn right and head through a cool leafy grove onto the old Dublin-Cork road. Cross the road (careful now!) and follow a small road lane before turning right onto another boggy area. This will eventually take you under the very substantial road bride and through an attractive woodland area at St Michaels church. The church is a very attractive piece of architecture and worth a look. Head down the avenue, cross the road and head up the old well road. Turn right and back to the hotel car park. A wonderful walk at any time of the year and well worth the long trek from either Dublin/Wicklow.

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