Carrigshouk-Mullaghcleevaun-East Top

Looped walk | 11.29 km | Co. Wicklow | Moderate walk

Trail Description

Started in layby underneath Carrigshouk. Turned off path after a few mins to reach top of Carrigshouk. Hadn't go my bearings and headed towards Barnacullian through the forest. Turned back & took a trail around edge of forest & climbed onto flank of Mullaghcleevaun across the Glenmacnass river. Walked around the boggy plateau for a while before turning right & heading for what turned out to be Mullaghcleevaun peak. Then waited for a shower to pass before getings my bearings again & heading for East Top. Simple enough drop off that down to the car. Some surprisingly firm ground on the way down, then wet again nearer the road. Started at 11:05, was back at car by 15:15.

Trail Comments

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