Binnianea Loop

Looped walk | 8.14 km | Co. Laois | Moderate walk

Trail Description

12km Also known as Cullahill Mountain loop. The trail map is 2km outside of Cullahill village. Mix Terrain Minor roadways, laneways, forestry tracks, and cross country. From the trail map start to go down the hill

Trail Comments

There are a few loops crossing each other during the walk. There has been a mix up in signs. Proximately 2.8km there is a Binnianea Loop (with 2 other loops) sign telling you to turn left rather than right. It doesn't stop there another couple km there is a sign pointing back. the problem is they made too many signs (with the 3 loops) going in the same direction. Maybe somebody can remove Binnianea Loop from these signs

Posted by Bodolf on August 23rd, 2015 - 10:06:33

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