Slieve Donard - Slieve Commedagh - Shan Slieve - Chimney Rock - Blaeberry

Looped walk | 17.82 km | Co. Down | Moderate walk

Trail Description

Starting from Bloody Bridge carpark, up along Bloody Bridge river as far as the Mourne Wall. Then turned right to get to Slieve Donard summit. After a quick bite to eat at the lower cairn, headed down along the wall to the col between Slieve Donard & Slieve Commedagh. Then up to the latter. Turned right at the shelter at the top to get to the summit. Continued on to reach Shan Slieve. Had intended to drop down into Newcastle, but changed my mind and headed straight down the side of Shan Slieve to reach the path as it comes out of Donard Forest. Turned right on the path to go back up to the col between the two peaks. Stopped for another bite, then went over the wall and continued along the Brandy Pad to reach the wall where it meets the route up from Bloody Bridge. Turned right here along the wall, then turned left and headed for the summit of Chimney Rock Mountain. Wind had picked up and it was very strong as I stood on the rocky outcrops. Proceeded along to a number of rocky peaks that continued in a southeasterly direction. Turned left then, and as it started to rain, I ended up crossing a lot of large granite boulders and stones, before finding myself alongside a quarry face that had been cut out of the side of the mountain. After dropping down onto the flat working area beneath the quarry face, I then proceeded very carefully down the scree-like large stones beneath, eventually finding my way onto the gravel path that I had come up on. Back to Bloody Bridge & then did a quick loop around the car park via a short section of the Mourne Coastal path.

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