Rathgall hillfort

Looped walk | 8.59 km | Co. Wicklow | Easy walk

Trail Description

An interesting and well preserved late bronze age hillfort is the destination. Park in the Rathwood shopping and forest centre. Most of this walk is on tarmac including the busy R725, but quieter country roads are also in the walk. Next head out onto the R725 Shillelagh to Tullow road - this is not a pleasent part of the walk - this is a busy main road with speeding cars - not suitable for kids and pets I reckon. At the next main junction head left uphill - this is a quiet country road with hardly any cars and in many places lined with mature tress and small woods - a perfect country road. Follow the signs to the hillfort - it is an impressive set of three circular walls. After viewing the fort back onto the road until you meet the unpleasent R725 again. You can skip the last half mile by heading into the Rathwood forest and follow the trails back to the car park (be carefull of the rathwood kiddies road train in the woods!).

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