Glenealy to the Deputys Pass

Looped walk | 12.36 km | Co. Wicklow | Easy walk

Trail Description

Park at the recycling centre opposite the pub. Cross the road and head up the lane beside the pub until you come to an old iron footbridge over the railway line. Cross it and turn left and follow the road until after a few km you come to an old disused Coillte forest barrier on your left - this leads onto an overgrown forest trail that will take you through mixed woodland - a short while on you come to a fork - take the right fork heading up. There is only one trail and eventually it leaves you out on a quiet road. Follow the road turning right at the next junction. At the next junction, turn right again and head downhill into more forest - after a few twists and turns watch for another coiilte barrier on your left - rake this trail. This trail also will take you through mixed woodland - its also very muddy. Eventually it ends at an embankment - cross this and turn right onto a muddy lane. Lane eventually peters out into a one man wide track before opening up again to take you through a very muddy section. You are now in the Deputys pass nature reserve - follow the main trail here as it runs in a circular route to leave you back at the muddy track again. Now simply retrace your route back to the coillte barrier and at the barrier, turn left and follow the road downhill. Just past the entrance to a small housing estate you will find the railway footbridge again. Short hop back to the car.

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