Avondale house and the Jubilee loop

Looped walk | 15.90 km | Co. Wicklow | Easy walk | Public Transport

Trail Description

This walk can be accessed by train but the train times are far and few between - car is best. I parked at Avondale house car park (cost of 5 euros - exact coins needed - no notes) and on leaving the car headed south towards the rivers, always staying in the trees. Stay on the river walk and eventually you will reach the river - turn left to follow the river upstream. You will pass under the railway twice before leaving avondale grounds after about 4 or 5 km. Follow the well defined trail passing under an impressive railway viaduct. Eventually you will reach some steps which will take you up towards the railway station. Just before the petrol station down the hill you can cut up through the village to access the Jubilee loop walk. After the village and the famine memorial graveyard, you are into the woods proper - then its down hill all the way across the main road until you reach the river again. Now follow the river downstream until you reach the rugby grounds and hidden valley camping park. Now you simply retrace your path until you reach avondale again. Follow the sign for avondale house and back to the car park. Time: 3.5 - 4 hours depending on pace. Best times to do this walk would be April-May (to view the bluebells carpeting the wooded areas) and late Autumn (October-November).

Trail Comments

Thank you so much for adding this trail I have wanted the Jubilee loop for a long time which is actually bad as I'm from the area, usual problem though there is virtually no official info for the trail. Thanks again.

Posted by TheInsideMan on May 13th, 2012 - 07:38:30

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