Glendalough Spinc route

Looped walk | 3.98 km | Co. Wicklow | Moderate walk | Public Transport

Trail Description

Starting at the Upper Lake carpark, follow the signs for Poulanass Waterfall. The directional markers for this route are blue. The walk follows the Poulanass Waterfall before entering the Lugduff Valley. From there, you can either continue on the path around The Spinc or start climbing the steep 600 or so wooden steps to the top of boardwalk that runs along the top of The Spinc. (With kids, the path is easier with the steps on the descent). Staying on the path, continue for 1.6km until you see a well worn path on the right hand side through the trees. This path is 500m and takes you up to the boardwalk overlooking the Upper Lake. Up on the left there are several good viewing points. Turning right, the boardwalk follows along the cliff of The Spinc to the top of the wooden steps. Follow the steps back down and the path to the top of Poulanass Waterfall. Cross over the bridge to head back down the other side of the waterfall to the carpark.

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