The Whortle

Not looped | 3.27 km | Co. Waterford | Easy walk

Created by Rokeeffe

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The Whortle

Not looped | 3.27 km | Co. Waterford | Easy walk

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Trail Description

The Whortle, or Hurtle walk is a recently re-opened route that provides fantastic views of the Suir as it widens and nears the sea. It connects the villages of Passage East and Cheekpoint.

Trail Comments

I tried to find the start of this trail in russianside checkpoint today 29th sept 2018. I could not find the entance the place that looked like it looks like locals have blocked it with wire fencing. What a pity as it proved to be a lovely walk with great views of the river. If anyone knows the entrance or how to get on to the whortle walk pleas let me know.

Posted by fwalsh on September 29th, 2018 - 20:19:00

The trail is still accessible from the waypoint given (as of January 2019). Once you have exited back onto the road above Passage East you can continue your route as far as Creadan by looping down into Passage East and (tide dependent) cross around the cliffs into Woodstown, down Woodstown beach and then up to Creaden. Very nice meandering walk. If the tide is against you you can continue roadside but not as quaint.

Posted by Acrayta on February 2nd, 2019 - 08:01:38

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