The Bohernabrenna Reservoirs

Looped walk | 6.32 km | Co. Dublin | Moderate walk

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The Bohernabrenna Reservoirs

Looped walk | 6.32 km | Co. Dublin | Moderate walk

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Trail Description

Figure 8 walk. These reservoirs were built in the 1880's to supply water to Rathmines. Previously the Rathmines got its water from the Grand Canal but this was deemed unsatisfactory even the though the corporation offered water from its Stillorgan reservoir. Bickering about this and other matters continued between the two authories for some time. The walk is of engeneering interest because the River Dodder flowing through this valleywas considered unsuitible because of the high peat content f the water and it bypasses the upper reservoir in the canal. Pines and larches have grown to magestic heights. The two reservoirs have lots of reeds and willows which make an excellent habitat for birds.

Trail Comments

Bohernabreena is NOT a figure of eight walk unless you are Crocodile Dundee. East side of the lower lake is passable, but only for very adventurous types with stout boots. There is no marked path, you are traversing a steep wooded bank with many boggy bits even in dry weather. Down by the shore, beach gives way to very steep banks topped by dense woodland. For 90% of walkers this is a figure of six circuit. Otherwise, this is a very pleasant walk, with fine views of mountains and lakes.

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