Beara Breifne Way Day 3 Adrigole To Glengarriff

Not looped | 20.49 km | | Hard walk | Public Transport

Created by Ml Moroney

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Gougane barra loop

Looped walk | 5.25 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Big meadow walk

Looped walk | 4.06 km | Co. Cork | Easy walk

Esknamucky walk glengarriff

Looped walk | 5.98 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Gougane barra slí sleibhe

Looped walk | 6.48 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Póc an tarbh loop walk

Looped walk | 11.24 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Srón na Gaoithe

Looped walk | 9.86 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk


Looped walk | 5.91 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Beara Way

Looped walk | 19.09 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Ardgroom to LauragH

Not looped | 15.22 km | Co. Kerry | Moderate walk


Not looped | 29.42 km | Co. Kerry | Hard walk

Trail Description

Day 3, Adrigole To Glengarriff, Distance 18Km, Height Gained 850 Metres, Time 6hr, Highlight Hungry Hill. The Beara Breifne Way Walk The start of our quest to walk the BBW can be traced back over 30 years. When at our local historical walks around Aherlow we heard of this epic O’Sullivan Beara march in January 1603. At a meeting in Ballyhoura the idea of developing a walk was born. A 400th anniversary re-enactment of the march took place organised by Jim O’Sullivan.

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