A walk around Glandore

Looped walk | 12.45 km | | Easy walk

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A walk around Glandore

Looped walk | 12.45 km | | Easy walk

Trail Description

There is usually parking available in the village. Just before the Marine hotel, take a right and head up the road here – it’s quiet and very shaded. Note the old industrial school on your left as you head uphill. After a few km you come to a junction – ignore this and at the next one take a sharp right. This narrow country lane gives good views down into the valley and shortly you will pass by a lake – Cloonties I think – after a few km you will reach another few junctions – always keeping to the right. Soon you will be heading back over the ridge and down towards the main glandore road by the church. Turn left here and follow the signs towards Drombeg stone circle. The road to the circle seems to sink deep into the earth as it follows the contours of a narrow valley. The stone circle is well worth a visit. Afterwards continue on down towards Tralong bay and beach for a paddle or maybe a swim. Afterwards make your way back to Glandore village. Unfortunately the village does not appear to have any shops – but plenty of pubs abd small restaurants if needed.

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