Inishturk Loop

Looped walk | 9.60 km | | Moderate walk | Public Transport

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Inishturk Loop

Looped walk | 9.60 km | | Moderate walk | Public Transport

Trail Description

Ferry from Roonagh Pier takes under an hour; useful map of the island available on the boat. Starting at the harbour, head north on the combined Green/Purple Trail; reaching Lough Coolanick, take the option to divert up to the remains of the ruins of the lookout tower - at 191 metres, the highest point in the island providing great views of the island and the surrounding coastal area. Back down, the separation of the Green and Purple trails appears as you leave the lake behind you. Heading west on the Purple trail brings you to the vantage point where the Buachaill Mor and Buachaill Beag sea stacks can be viewed. From here, follow the clifftop all the way to Dromore Head for some great vistas - a match for any cliffs on the western seaboard. Going inland, after Lough Namucka follow the stone wall north and then east until you reach the football pitch, where you rejoin the Green/Purple trail which brings you back to the harbour (passing the Community Club which provides refreshments to visitors - when open). Allow about three and a half hours; better to bring some provisions as options to buy anything on the island are understandably limited with only one shop available.

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