Three Rock Trek

Looped walk | 20.87 km | | Hard walk | Public Transport

Created by Shanks Mare

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Trail Description

Start at Marley park and follow the Wicklow way. At Kilmashouge lane you part with the wicklow way and continue on up the lane until the end – at the end the lane splits into three roads – all private but there is a right of way access through a farm gate on your left (it is marked as a right of way on the DLRCC maps – but this might not have a legal basis so if challenged by a landowner I would suggest withdrawing). This route winds around kilmashogue hill before plunging through a pine wood and out onto a section of coillte land that was clear felled in a devastating fashion a few years back. At this point it is a short walk down onto the Wicklow way but this short section of open land is nasty with rotting twigs and branches and hidden watery potholes – take it very slow and use a stick for balance and to probe ahead. Once back onto the Wicklow way, following the map as it winds around the old army firing range, the three rock and so on. As you head onto the east facing part of the mountain the trees give way to gorse and heather – lots of small trails here and this area is covered in old granite quarries. It is also very popular with mountain bikers so be prepared to jump. But if you meet a motorcycle then *%~@ ‘em. You pass through one such quarry just before you head back into the trees. A little further on is a quiet and deep looking reservoir (marked as the newt pond on the eats west map). Now just follow the map again until you come out onto the barnacullia to glencullen road – before coming to the road you should visit the ruined passage grave nearby – I can’t find it on the drawn map. Walk along the road for a while and before the turnoff for barnacullia head back up onto the tree rock and down again to markey park via the kellystown road. Alternatively you could continue up to barnacullia for a drink at the blue light pub – there are plenty of trails at barnacullia that lead back up onto the three rock. Rated hard as it can feel quite long and there is a 'somme battlefield' like section. Highlights: Kilmashouge lane after the turn off for the Wicklow way, the open gorse and heather of the east side of the three rock and great views for most of the walk. The #16 bus passes by marley park and the #14 and #75 buses are very convenient also.

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