Glenbarrow Red Loop Hike

Looped walk | 10.76 km | Co. Laois | Moderate walk

Created by doogleman

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Paul lane Loop

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Giant Grave Loop option 1

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Trail Description

This trail is one of walks detailed in Discover Ireland's "Looped Walks in Ireland" booklet. On the Discover Ireland website there are further details and printable maps of the three optional loops that can be taken fro m this trailhead. They list the walk as 12km "hard", however I would list it as moderate and it is actually only approximately 10km. The routes are way-marked the whole way, however if possible I would take a GPS unit or map with you as it is very quiet and there are a number of trails meandering through the route. The loop brings you along the banks of the river, passing a waterfall, some old derelict homesteads, a beautiful high viewing point where you have the elevation advantage to see for miles in almost all directions along the surrounding low-lying plains. There are a surprising amount of very well developed timber walking platforms for traversing both bog and forest terrain. For a relatively fit person, this walk should take at most 3 hours, including stops for photos etc. If you are not one for stopping too much, it could be completed in 2 hours. The GPX file uploaded is directly from my hike on 4th August 2015. Enjoy! Dave.

Trail Comments

Dave thank you so much for sharing... excited to walk this route... great photos!

Posted by TheInsideMan on August 6th, 2015 - 11:33:32

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