St Finbarr's Pilgrim Route

Not looped | 42.21 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

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Devils Punch Bowl

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Gougane barra loop

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Gougane barra slí sleibhe

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Póc an tarbh loop walk

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Srón na Gaoithe

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Looped walk | 5.91 km | Co. Cork | Moderate walk

Cappagh Glen

Not looped | 14.47 km | Co. Kerry | Moderate walk

Trail Description

Created by Drimoleague Heritage Walkways Committee as an annual contemplative walk. For more see: "In West Cork and South Kerry the practise of walking pilgrim paths to St Finbarr’s hermitage in Gougane Barra has been in place for many centuries. In one such place, Drimoleague, local tradition recalls that St Finbarr arrived at the Top of the Rock in the sixth century and admonished the people to return to Christ, after which he made his way to Gougane Barra. The practise of walking this ancient route has been revived since 2008. Groups as large as fifty and as small as three or four are regularly found walking the 22 mile (33km) route. The route itself has been opened up to the public with the goodwill of landowners along the route, who maintain the walks under the Walks Scheme. Leaving aside the spiritual benefits for a moment, this walk is a truly magnificent journey which goes “up and over” three mountain systems and four valleys, namely the Ilen, Mealagh, Ouvane and Lee. There are spectacular views over Bantry Bay and stretches of the West Cork coastline. A rich archaeological landscape combined with interesting folklore and the characters one might meet along the way make this an experience that draws people back again and again. But it is the spiritual aspect that attracts many people; the questions raised as you walk: “What motivated Finbarr to bring the good news of Christ to these places? What message did he bring that eclipsed the prevailing darkness which he challenged? And why is there an unusual sense of peace and restfulness in the beautiful island where he held retreat?” The contemplation, the seeking and the finding, the camarderie of other “pilgrims” and the pains and aches at day’s end…all these make St Finbarr’s Pilgrim Way a special experience to be anticipated and experienced to the full."

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