Russbourough house and the Russletown woods.

Looped walk | 8.29 km | Co. Wicklow | Easy walk

Created by Shanks Mare

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Turlough Hill

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Russelstown Wood

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Cloghleagh Wood

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Upper & Lower Lough Bray

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Sorrel Hill

Looped walk | 4.80 km | Co. Wicklow | Hard walk

Trail Description

You can park your car at Russborough house – parking is surprisingly free. Head down through the parkland woods , past lady’s island and at the signpost for the walk, continue straight until you come to an old iron gate. Open gate and cross the busy N81 and head straight down the leafy ESB access road until you reach the lake. Now simply follow the lake shore until you reach the boating amenity area – at the car park turn right and start your walk through the russletown woods. Watch out for the light shining through the trees at certain points – it has an almost surreal/mystical quality if you get a sunny day for your walk. Next, cross a busy road and after a short walk you are back out at the lakeside again. For the return, simply backtrack on the trail until you reach the boating amenity area – there is a rough gravel track here that winds its way through the woods and leaves out on the ESB access road. Return to russborough house and at the walking signpost in the grounds, turn left to follow the nature trail up past the upper and lower ponds and back to the car park. Time is about 2 hours and 15 minutes (not including stops etc).

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