Wicklow Head - Alternate route

Looped walk | 4.16 km | Co. Wicklow | Easy walk

Created by Shanks Mare

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Trail Description

This is an alternate route to the one described by Fremen - this is a bit longer but includes a lot of extra walking beside the sea (which is a big plus). Time is a lesiurly 1hour and 10 minutes. Park at the public car park and head down a steep path through the golf course (don't worry - it is a public right of way) and when you reach the shingle beach - turn right (or south) and follow the rough trail. Be wary as the trail veers right on top of the cliffs at some points. This part of the walk is exceptionally beautiful - if you time it right with the tide (and a sunny september afternoon like 22nd yesterday) then the sea will be calm and gentle with just the occassional lazy seal to break the surface. Watch out for the attractive sea arch further on. After a short while you will reach lime kiln bay which has a good shingle beach and huge grassy area, just right for picnics. From September on this beach is very popular with seals (on one occassion last year a group of 12 or more where beached here enjoying a noisy social session) - best time to view the seals is early monring or late evening. Next you head back onto the trail and head upwards towards wicklow head and its collection of lighthouses. Then just follow the quiet farm road back down to where it meets the main road and back to your car.

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