Tymon Park, Greenhills / Tallaght, Dublin. Walk/Run/Cycle.

Looped walk | 4.44 km | Co. Dublin | Easy walk | Public Transport

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Trail Description

There are of course any number of variations of walks within the 120h.a. park, a very popular sports / recreational facility. Bicycle / Dog / Child / friendly. Large playing 'pitches' often full of bunnies in the dawn / twilight hours, so dog owners beware! Around 15 large playing pitches presumably within the historic field pattern of the original farmland, bordered by mature woodland, hedges, paved and un-paved routes. Numerous lakes and wildfowl with significant areas left over to meadow. Great views over west Dublin towards Howth from the west side of the park. Numerous access points around the park from Templogue, Limekiln Road, Greenhills road and Tymon North.

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