Loop Head Walk

Looped walk | 2.19 km | Co. Clare | Easy walk

Created by Keikonian Mountain Master

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North Kerry Way

Not looped | 37.89 km | Co. Kerry | Hard walk | Public Transport

Rehy Hill Walk

Not looped | 5.71 km | Co. Clare | Moderate walk

Loop Head Walk

Looped walk | 2.19 km | Co. Clare | Easy walk

Trail Description

One of the most westerly trails of Ireland. Start at Car Park go up around moors and grass and walk by the cliffs ( make sure to be a few meters though! )Walk to the west of the lighthouse and if you want go to the most westerly point in County Clare! Walk by an old WW2 where people used to look out for any ship that missed navigated which has happend before when a German ship miss navigated and thought they were by Britain and started shooting! Then you go down hill to a flat area where you can go right down to he water. Then you go left and then you notice you are doing a large climb that really wears your feet! Then you pass the car park and head east for 10 meters to the moors. Finally you arrive back to the Car Park and you can drive off to the Lighthouse Inn in Kilbaha and have a few pints!

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