Spink Loop

Looped walk | 12.87 km | Co. Wicklow | Hard walk

Created by TheInsideMan

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Upper & Lower Lough Bray

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Trail Description

This trail is the short version of the Spink loop, i.e. it starts and ends at the upper lake parking area. The original trail starts at the visitors center. The first 2,5km are flat until the broad path ends and you have to make your way through the ruins of an old miners village. After the village the trail is ascending approximately 370m during the next 3km. The first part of the ascent is like walking up stairs on stones. Shortly before the bridge (where you are crossing the river) the trail continues on planks. When it's wet it may be a bit slippery even though the planks are covered with netting wire to improve your grip. After passing the highest point of the trail you are getting to a junction. This would be an option to extend your hike, but I continued further down to a fantastic viewpoint. Here is a good spot to have some food, to rest and to enjoy the scenery. The rest of the trail goes downhill all the way. After the stairs built of planks you are back on the road and turn left at the crossing. You are passing a nice waterfall and return to the parking area.

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