Kilmashogue trek

Looped walk | 14.29 km | Kilmashogue Ln, Dublin 16 | Moderate walk

Created by Shanks Mare

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Trail Description

An interesting walk that avoids summits but still gives some great views out over Dublin and the sea. Park in the kilmashogue lane forest car park and head back out to the road and start walking uphill along kilmashogue lane. This lane is rarely visited by walkers - most people simply head out along the wicklow way, but the upper kilmashogue lane is a very peaceful, quiet and a beautiful country lane especially in summer and late autumn. You will pass larch hill scouting centre and as you head further up trees become sp***r and there are isolated small farmsteads and stand alone houses along the lane. At the top of the lane you are presented with three gates - take the left one heading up a track that is slowly returning to nature. This is a right of way marked on the DLRCC maps but this is not necessarily a legal definitiion and the DLRCC has lost court cases on rights of way in the past, so be reasonable if you are challenged by a landowner. At the top of the rise are three ancient artic-containers that look like they where used for sheep housing in the past. Those containers have been here since at least the late 70's when I was a kid running around the three rock. Now you head through a small forest before breaking out into a barren area. This area was clear felled by coillte a few years ago and they have left it in a very dangerous condition with sharp slippery rotten branches hidden in gorse bushes and dangerous potholes under grass tufts. Traverse this area very carefully and use a trekking pole to feel your way. Finally you will reach the wicklow way (probably with scratched, bruised and cut legs). Further description to follow...

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