Home to Home Via the Grand Canal Green Route

Looped walk | 12.74 km | Co. Dublin | Easy walk | Public Transport

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Ward River

Looped walk | 7.66 km | Co. Dublin | Hard walk

The North Bull Island

Looped walk | 5.07 km | Co. Dublin | Easy walk | Public Transport

Royal Canal Leixlip to Maynooth

Not looped | 7.61 km | Co. Kildare | Easy walk | Public Transport

The Bohernabrenna Reservoirs

Looped walk | 6.32 km | Co. Dublin | Moderate walk

Kilmashogue Loop

Looped walk | 3.00 km | Kilmashogue Ln, Dublin 16 | Moderate walk

City centre run/walk

Looped walk | 5.50 km | Co. Dublin | Moderate walk | Public Transport

Tibradden Mountain Rathfarnham

Looped walk | 1.20 km | Co. Dublin | Easy walk | Public Transport

Hellfire Club and Massey Woods

Looped walk | 4.93 km | Kilakee Rd, Dublin 16 | Moderate walk

Seahan Kilbride

Looped walk | 5.27 km | Bohernabreena Rd, Dublin 24 | Moderate walk

Cloghleagh Wood

Looped walk | 1.81 km | Co. Wicklow | Easy walk

Trail Description

A short trip on good footpaths from Texaco/Foxhunter Ballydowd Lucan to the Fonthill Road and then on up to the Grand Canal green Route. From the Fonthill Rd Canal Entrance, you head to the Newcastle Road Exit and then on down to Lucan Village and onwards back to the Texaco/Foxhunter Pub finish point. Two Hours should be allowed for the walk.

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